Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This blog is an experiment and a test on a couple of fronts. One, it is a writing experiment for me. Can I repeatedly find subjects and write about them in such a manner that it will interest an audience for an extended period of time? What writing experience I have I gained in the Army and it shows. I write like a soldier standing at parade, stiff and formal. I want to develop a more casual style, something that is easier to read. Two, after some deliberation, I’ve decided I have a few things to say on a variety of subjects. I am a lifelong skeptic and am horrified by what I think is some of the pure garbage other people have chosen to believe. Reason, logic, and science, have shown themselves to be the best tools to accompany me through life, I do not understood why others have not adopted them. However, I am not out to change anyone’s mind but I might be able to point you toward a little introspection. If you post comments you will probably not change my mind either but you could provide me with new insights. Learning is a lifetime process and I always enjoy new perspectives. I am a regular listener to a variety of podcasts, generally political, scientific, and skepticism themed. I foresee a lot of the posts to this blog being critical reviews of podcasts and blogs since this appears to be a somewhat ignored area on the Internet. I draw as a hobby, note the self portrait, and am an avid bicyclist and bicycle collector. I’m in the process of rebuilding an unknown model of Raleigh mountain bike and turning it into a commuter, and I own a 1957 Hiawatha, a 1939 Rudge Whitworth, a 1963 Raleigh Sports, and a 1983 Trek road bike. I don’t actually ride these bikes, I just take them apart and leave them lying around my living room which seems to fulfill some deep subconscious need. I love to read, mostly nonfiction and the classics, but I stray sometimes. I’m currently rereading Dickens’s David Copperfield, my favorite of his works and probably the twentieth time I’ve gone through it. Wilkins Micawber may be my favorite literary character of all time. Come back and check me out. Let’s see what happens.

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Gareth said...

I was going to make some joke about how everyone's first blog entry is about why they are starting a blog, but then it occurred to me that there may be a reason for that. I don't think your style is stilted or curt or mechanical or whatever you seem to think it is, but then I have been accused of having strange stylistic tendencies myself, so I may not be the best judge of these things. I think the contrast between matter-of-factness and more bare moments of humanity is what makes the best dry humor, and that's something I've always known you for.

I was somewhat struck by the resonance I felt with my own style of writing, or maybe just my own patterns of thought. It's always mystifying how those similarities, whether genetic or acquired (both, of course), come back to manifest themselves as that funny sort of extra-sensory recognition of sameness.

Enjoyed the post, Dad, do write more.