Thursday, November 22, 2007

CNN's ghost.

This CNN story about a ghost at a Ohio gas station has already been covered and debunked by numerous blogs , but I wanted to try embedding a video so your stuck with it too. Blue, out of focus image on a security camera. Watch for the bug like movements, the faint hint of antenna, and the occasional wing flutter. Keep in mind that static security cameras are focussed on selected areas to record events, so something close to or on the lens will be blurry. Now write CNN and tell them how this isn't newsworthy and why story pandering is bad.

1 comment:

Gareth said...

No doubt in my mind. Angels.

Everyone knows that angels are invisible to the human eye, but turn up blue on security cameras. I'm pretty sure it's Gabriel who has a thing for windshields. The others are always giving him shit for it.