Saturday, November 24, 2007

Got a question?

Ask500People is an interesting website; post a question of your own and one hundred people around the world answer it. The 500 People question is, I think, a paid option. My username is Grillparzer but I have not asked a question for a few days. Some of my past results:

Are you smarter than average? Seventy-nine yes’s and twenty-one no’s. (Apparently, some people are kidding themselves.)

Do you believe it is possible to speak with the spirits of the dead? Forty-two yes votes and fifty-seven no votes.

Which are the better tools to have while going through life? Sixty-five people voted for “Science, Reason, and Logic” while thirty-five voted for “Religious Faith.”

Have you ever seen a ghost? Twenty-one people voted yes and seventy-nine voted no.

How did life develop? Evolution or intelligent design. Fifty-nine people voted for “Evolution” and forty-one people voted for “intelligent design.”

I will not go into the reasons why these polls do not provide scientifically reliable results since I have no training in statistics. If you have questions on the subject, I recommend a Google search, which should pull up some primers. If you have more questions after that, take a college course because you are on your own. Most of the respondents to the polls are European or North American, with a smattering from other parts of the world. I think the polls reflect worldwide access to the Internet rather than real opinions, but the website is a fun thing to play with.

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